Staff Notation

What can I tell you about this entry? This is a way for you to read music easily according to the number system. Because music is all about numbers. Master the placements of where C is and you realize that staff notation is just a block of keys or frets on an instrument. Obviously, now vocally, its about where to start your range or transpose a few keys down. Master your scales in all the modes you can think of, find a new way of creating an improvised scale.  Enjoy!

7               space
5               space
4-     middle C     
3               space
1               space

Remember there are 7 octaves on a piano using the Iodian (or Major scale). So,
“A,Bb/A#,B is three keys PLUS seven octaves PLUS the tonic of the Major scale.”

You have to accept yourself of what you are!

Growing up around alcoholics that seemed to have their shit together and “responsible,” sure they made lots of mistakes. What are they to tell me what to do, and I haven’t done anything as remotely stupid or drink as much as them. My mother is abusive. My grandma is very abusive. My grandma is an alcoholic but stopped because she has been put in the position to say she has to set the example. I mean, come on, how arrogant to think that you have to set the example without even admitting your wrongs. My whole family is sick, demented and delusional. My family has told me that I am “self-less” and can’t deal with me because “you’re needling my conscious,” this is basically on the same day as me trying to understand that I’m supposed to think, feel, and behave how they want me to do. And I’m okay with doing that, but you’re going to have been patient with and be very specific and literal. They say I know better and that I’m playing games. Then I ask them how I play games, they say, “you know because we raised you better than this.” Like obviously, if you raised me as such, you wouldn’t be hounding me to change. I keep telling them that I’m willing to change to how they want me and they say again, “you’re needling me.” Like what the fuck?! I came to the conclusion that my family is sick and twisted, they don’t want me to be like them. That’s why they hypocritically judge me into a vicious cycle of ups and down. I will always remember that very last conversations every time they “cast me to swine.” They say, “you’re a good person,” “you’re selfless,” “you deserve a much better life than what our family offers,” and “we wish you to win the lottery and be happy.” How much does that hurt to realize that your family jealously despise your very existence that they don’t care, that they never talk to you again and “cast you to swine.” So what is wrong with me?

I have a mental disability, but does it even matter what the diagnoses is? So, even though I only drank because my family encouraged it and wanted me to drink when I’m around them. I hate to say it, but it’s better that I don’t have to be around them and kill myself from heavy drinking. Sure, once you’re hooked from the years of hanging out with them, it takes a toll and you think you need to keep up the drinking from the past. Granted I never or ever did drink a lot, but the act of drinking depresses me because it’s a depressant. I come a while ago that drinking just wasn’t me. Funny, my family said that my choice of friends would pressure me to do drugs and get wasted, but in reality, my family and my family’s religious brotherhood encourages drinking. So, not drinking when I’m not around them is easy now. Now, I have to learn to set boundaries and say no to “peer (family) pressure.” Sure it was hard to get over not drinking, but basically, if you know why you drank and substitute with things that you used to do before your life was dictated by family that say, “they want what’s best for you,” I have lots of time to do those things.

I swear, I think my family just likes to laugh at my expense because well, they just don’t understand or want to accept my disability. Shit, I had a hard time to accept that I’m different than them. I went to AA to support other workmates who being union brotherhood, support them and go with them. I’m sorry, I have no respect for the AA meetings now, but I did learn one thing! Why do people drink? There are unique reasons!

I accept that I’m disabled and slow, I rather live in my journey through accepting that even though this is the case, that I can cope and hope in achieving something of just being me; whatever that is! I will set boundaries of not letting what’s left of my mother’s relationship, even though she wants to dictate what I am without listening and enable me to drink because it makes her feel powerful. Funny! My mother doesn’t drink, but she has other vices now. Of course, she never got caught, but she does realize how violent she was when she drank; why would she ever admit what I learnt as a young teenager. She has to protect her rap.

Interestingly, take a look at Prince and the life he lived before he became a Jehovah’s witness. And now, look at the hypocritical judgmental person he is today. It’s sad how people do things to try and be accepted, but the truth is: “You have to accept yourself for what you are!”

So as I journey through life accepting me and not trying to understand how to think, feel, and act which was dictated, but truly taking life one day at a time with the support system without the family. Perhaps, this is better than “following after the crowd,” or on the “narrow path.” I am grateful for the mental health doctors in helping me see that my family doesn’t accept my mental disability. I will do what I can to strive for independent living.

Keys or bass

Okay, I mean bring about some greek in a bass lesson. Okay, not really, lol! But seriously, when learning the power of the musical language, it’s all about a single melody, just harmonized with the other voices. It’s what you do with the instrument and playing with other instrumentalists. Even the piano, although solo, can be harmonized with other voices. So, looking at the bass guitar, it sets the foundation for most music pieces. What then can we do with a good (if not great) foundation?

Funny thing about other instruments, they all eventually go right back to the keyboard. There’s a whole lot of reasons for this. One reason may be because the keyboard is capable of harmonizing 3 or 4 (5 and 6 or more) voices at a time, but we will keep it at 4 for the sake of sanity. even 4 voices is challenging; so anything more, well, just leave it there.

With a good foundation, mostly from a good and simple bass groove, the other hand (or instrumentalists) can then play along and substitute of tones along with this groove following the harmony rules. When at the keyboard, mostly by a solo player, one can improvise along with the main groove; even have a drum loop playing in the background.

So, which one should I continue to learn? That’s a tough question because I hear the bass groove over everything else and everything else is secondary.  I don’t know why, but having never pick up a bass guitar, and just air plucking and fretting. I feel just running down the fret board in my mind would be enough to start playing simple grooves when I do finally get to play one. Funny, as I learn this keyboard, even when I’m not at it, I run through arpeggios, scales, chords, inversions, etcetera in my mind. When I sit down on the bench again, I noticed that I just have become even a more stronger and well rounded player.

With this I come to the conclusion that I will stay with the keyboard while using my knowledge of the bass fret board to help me play better keys and remembering to always listen to the bass groove of any piece or song. Well, on to watching more bass soloists on youtube!

Bass Fret Identification

E — e,f,f#,g,g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#, e,f,g, g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e
A — a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f#,g,g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f#,g,g#,a
D — d,d#,e,f,f#,g,g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f#,g, g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d
G — g,g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f#,g,g#,a,a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f#,g

The Best Things in Life are Free

Now think about this simple concept it way actually be complicated to explain. The simplest things usually are! Think about when you were younger. Did you ever think about the very necessaries that were given? Like food, shelter and clothing, but what did you do when you didn’t have to provide for those things? Very simply you played! How did you go do something? Didn’t you walk to your friend’s house to play because asking your mom to drive you around the block was just harder than to just walk it? So now, I’m writing about walking, but am I really writing about what you saw and heard along the way. That simple, have you ever noticed those little things in life that you just passed about without thinking of those things? The birds, rocks, grass, flowers, sky, and ecetera. Now, those things are just generic in nature, but can you explain each one in detail. That alone can take most of your time. 

So, what changed? I did we want to grow up at such a young age. 

Now, there are lots of reasons that I don’t want to get into because we all have gone through things. But why have we allowed those things to cloud our judgements? Why do we blind ourselves? Whatever the reasons, get back to your child way of thinking and realize that there is more to life that what we have made for ourselves.

I write this in such a way of a confused state wanting to come to turns with whatever is going on my mind.

Major Key Signatures

Key Signatures

Circle of Fifths

Order of the sharps: F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, E#, B#

C    D    E    F    G    A    B    C    C/Am

G    A    B    C    D    E    F#    G    G/Em

D    E    F#    G    A    B    C#    D    D/Bm

A    B    C#    D    E    F#    G#    A    A/F#m

E    F#    G#    A    B    C#    D#    E    E/C#m

B    C#    D#    E    F#    G#    A#    B    B/G#m

F#    G#    A#    B    C#    D#    E#    F#    F#/D#m

C#    D#    E#    F#    G#    A#    B#    C#    C#/A#m


Circle of Fourths

Order of the flats: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Cb, Fb

C    D    E    F    G    A    B    C    

F    G    A    Bb    C    D    E    F    F/Dmin

Bb    C    D    Eb    F    G    A    Bb    Bb/Gmin

Eb    F    G    Ab    Bb    C    D    Eb    Eb/Cmin

Ab    Bb    C    Db    Eb    F    G    Ab    Ab/Fmin

Db    Eb    F    Gb    Ab    Bb    C    Db    Db/Bbmin

Gb    Ab    Bb    Cb    Db    Eb    F    Gb    Gb/Eb min

Cb    Db    Eb    Fb    Gb    Ab    Bb    Cb    Cb/Ab min


Chapter 3 – What Is God’s Purpose For The Earth?


Notes not sure if they are understandable. Then again maybe this is a rant.


Wow, you’re going to capitalize every word in that title?! What does the bible teach? What about the animals? In an earlier verse animals are in controlled by man. How? How will god fulfill his purpose? Wow do we know god will fulfill his will? Is life really that bad in this present “system of things?” Isaiah 46:9, how do we know god’s former things? God foretold the outcome of the earth? How off topic are you going for so long? What is this tent of god that is with mankind? What does the bible say about humans living forever? What prophecies will come about? How what works? How if you do something with your hands? I don’t do things to be recognized! Why would we need to build houses when there will be deserted houses? Why has god’s purpose not been fulfilled? You say, “no history book,” as if it’s a fiction book! What is the similarities of “Satan the devil?” You are going on with too much. Going ahead in the book. Rev 12:9 – signifies? What? So god disowned his own flesh and blood? Wait they are “spirit creatures.” How might a formerly doesn’t, what become a thief? Paragraph 5, no answer or what was the answer? Why does it say, “Satan the Devil?” Wow respect to capitalize its name. God does try his humans? So he will never judge us? James 1:14, suffer consequences for your actions? You’re totally not answering the book’s questions? I guess vagueness need to be verbally pin pointed. Haha! You don’t discuss Genesis 3:2-5. I wonder why? Women! What have you done? Blame everything everything on women, either “Satan the Devil” or women? When so ever wants glory from god? What is the difference? How did Satan challenge god’s way of ruling, or was it just a questions? In the beginning it tells us to have many questions. How it is that “Satan the Devil” not able to ask his question? It is just one question?! What about every worldly governments? What would you have done? There you are talking about lovalty What choice is this choice talking about? Psalms 73:28, Who was talking in the Psalm. Why does need to reply to the one who taunts [me]? Only the bible say such things. I hate studying the bible, those Christians go from things to another topic. Why can’t you stay on one topic? So Satan is not god but a manipulator and liar? What else proves that “Satan the Devil” is the ruler of this world? Is he a ruler or a god? John 14:3, woe to the earth? What the hell? Is 1000 years, god’s or man’s 1000 years? Generalized speculating vagueness again. 2Corinthians 4:3, 4. What does reform mean? As we age we get complacent for hence, we longer half to change. Revelation 16:14-16, great day of god the almighty. How is this day of? Man’s or god’s “day?”

Use the Socratic Method to Easily Win Arguments

Arguments become heated and get out of hand when anger enters into the equation, often leaving both parties frustrated and upset. Using Socratic questioning in an argument, however, can help people see things from your perspective without causing unnecessary conflict.

Rather than making points, the Socratic method concentrates on asking questions to help both parties think about the situation rather than just verbalize their (often exaggerated) feelings. Redditor darkcity2 explains:

[L]et’s say your girlfriend is angry about you coming home late one night. She says, “You didn’t call me! I was so worried, and you were probably out at the bar hitting on girls!” You could respond, “No baby, I wasn’t, I swear.” But effectively this is two heads butting; the one with greater force wins. Instead, ask questions. This puts you in a position of control without being aggressive, and forces the listener to accept their own hypocrisy/flawed reasoning. Say something like: “Why are you upset? What do you think I was doing? Is it that I’m late that bothers you, or that you can’t trust me?” Rather than arguing back and forth, you’re encouraging her to express how she feels, and it seems like you’re making an effort to listen. Eventually she’ll either forgive you, or you’ll see that you were wrong, or she’ll see that she was being unreasonable.

I gave a very sexist example, but this works for heated debates as well. Rather than saying, Animals aren’t meant to be in captivity, say, Do you think animals were meant to be in captivity? Wording your point of view in the form of a question forces them to see it from your perspective whether they like it or not, because a question psychologically puts them in a position where they have to answer it.
It’s a pretty simple idea and an easy conflict resolution tactic. Next time you find yourself in an argument, give the Socratic method a shot.